Friday, 20 January 2012

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1. January 20, 2012. second

The tables compare the result of survey which asked why students decide to staying at home in their country or traveling overseas. The First table shows why some chose to stay at home country. In the contrast to this, the second shows why others decided to travel for overseas.

The majority of students who chose to stay at home said that it is easier to find a work, 26% of them stayed this reason. By contrast, the main reason given to travel for overseas is learning about a new culture, 25%, said this. A nearly percentage of those who travel for overseas, said that they wanted adventure and excitement. Conversely, 25% of stay at home students felt that they already speak the language.

The third most popular reason for stay at home is that students think it is cheaper to stay with their families. In comparison with third most popular reason among to travel for overseas we can see that this group felt they would like to help people in poorer countries. 15% of students who prefer to travel for overseas gave this reason.

Two more reason for stay at home during high education, with an equal 12% each, were dangers of travel and lack money. 7% gave other reason. On the other hand, 14% to travel for overseas wanted to go out because they hoped to get away from parents, and 12% wanted to make new friends. 10% of these stundents gave another reason.

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