Friday, 6 January 2012

A mosquito's life.

I woke up, I could fly, I was not sure what I was, but I didn’t care about it; at that moment was more important to eat and fly. I was hungry and thirsty; I could smell in that big animal the most wonderful fragrance and I was sure it could help me to feel better.

I started my flight, but it was moving and was hard to arrive. The way was very very long; during it, I found my biggest love, she was beautiful, thin, and black, with long legs and arms. She loves me immediately, but she was a little shy, it took long time to me to be close up with her. Finally she accepted, we knew each other very well, we spent the majority of our life together, and we were together for ages. We had a lot of children, all kind of them.

I was very happy, but absolutely hungry. I continue to flying looking for food, the animal was very near to me, and I was absolutely encouraged to eat now. I was very weak and hungry. I can hardly fly, but I was trying and trying. I thought it was my end....

So, the animal came near to me, that was my chance! I ate, ate and ate. I was satisfied, happy and relaxed. Whatever I was, I was the most happy in the world. I had a wife, children, food and peace; now it was time to rest some minutes before go to gather with my love again. My life had been absolutely satisfactory! Nothing could be wrong.

I feel asleep, when suddenly happened the two last things I can describe: I listened to strong sound and saw a red spot in the wall where I was sleeping.

I guess it is the complete life of a mosquito.

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