Thursday, 26 January 2012

Task 2. January 26, 2012

Giving aid to poorer countries does not work. The richest nations have given billions of dollars to poorer nations, but while some nations have benefited, many more are still poor. What are the causes of the problem and what measure can be taken to reduce it?

Around the world a lot of time richest countries have gave economic help to poorer and majority times, poorer nations usual to keep in their poverty and only few of them have success in the develop process with that help. It is a very big problem and it is necessary to look for solution about it.

In general, the problem in the poverty is not the lack of money or resource, because majority poorer nations have a lot of valuable resources as oil, gold, etc. meanwhile, almost any rich country has valuable resources, it is possible to say that the only rich country which has oil (for example) in its land is Norway, and other countries with this valuable resource are poorer day after day.

In the same way, it is easy to understand that richest nations just are focus on do a quality work in each area that they are developing, trying to rise the education level in their citizen and with this looking for valuable people who can to compete with the best around the world, and in the process to look for their quality, they help the country to improve its opportunities and success.

On the other hand, majority poorer countries are looking for the money to solvent actual problems and they are not thinking in the future. Then in my opinion, the best help that richest nations could offer to poorer is to encourage the education and in this way, people could to open their mind and start to find the quality for their our life and if majority is looking for the best things, so in short time all will be better.

In the final analysis, it is possible to think that giving aid you could help poorer, but it is a trick; giving money you just help to solvent a specific problem in a moment. But if you want to have an important change and to improve the quality of life (in a country or a single person, it is the same) the only sure way is focus on encourage the people to study and find a quality education.

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