Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just sharing a relax moment

It is very difficult to be creative when you are focus on to learn a specific structure. That is my situation now, I was very happy writing some stories, but vacations are finished and it is time to study day after day to have success in the IELTS.

Today, I can hardly think because I have been studying as much as is possible and my mind is very tired. But I want to share my actual reflections about this year trying to learn English.

In the beginning I thought that the IELTS was just a test and I have been student all my life, I have a lot of experience in the way to pass test. So my intention was to learn a basic English and focus on specific requirement of the IELTS. A lot of people say that to pass the IELTS you don't really need to know English very well; you just need to learn the specific clues. But it is absolutely false! It is possible that you know English very well and not pass the IELTS, but I think that it is impossible to pass the IELTS without to have a good English level.

Then, in the beginning I was focus on that. But short time later I felt sick during long time in the past year. It was impossible to study feeling so bad. Whereas, my husband and I started a project to go to NZ first to study English; at that moment we had a plan to find enough money. But it plan failed for different reason, and some month ago we returned the plan to have success in the IELTS as the most important requirement to go there, because I need to do that for my register in the board of psychologist and my work visa. Anyway, if in this time, we have enough money, we could go as student, but now it is not the first challenge.

Well, in nowadays, I am studying English very hard, and it is frequently very satisfactory, because I can see my progress. For example, today I took the level test in the British Council, and I leap two levels since the past time when I took it (two month ago). During this time, I was study in that place, and I almost finish a level, but I improved two levels. In the same way, the past time when I took that test, the teacher told me that I had very good fluency, but terrible grammar and pronunciation. Today, the teacher told me that I have very good fluency and grammar, but just good pronunciation and I need to focus in this specific point to be in advance level soon.

Then, those things are very good news. My biggest learning has been that to learn a language is very difficult, but step by step it is absolutely possible.

Well, thanks to accompany me in this moment to relax. I am going to continue studying.

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