Friday, 20 January 2012

Practicing for the IELTS. Task 1. January 20, 2012. first

This charts shows the percentage of students living at home and in rented accommodation; students who check their bank accounts or not do that; and finally students checking credit card statements or not.

It shows that three quarters of students are living at home; meanwhile just around 25% of them are living in rented accommodation place. In the same way, the majority of students tend to check their accounts frequently and just a quarter don't check it.

Regards students who check their credit card statements, it is possible to watch that over a half of then used to check it, and only around 40% don't do that. Then majority of students check their credit card statements, also not as much as their accounts.

In the final analysis, the chart shows how most of students are living at home and keep the interest in check their bank accounts and credit cards statements; however, they are more worried about bank accounts than credit card statements.

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