Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Personal dialy. February 7, 2012

Yesterday I started my IELTS course at the British Council. I have a new teacher and he said that it is a good practice to keep a personal daily to improve the writing skills, so I will try to do that.

Today has not been a good or productive day, because I took my curve insulin tolerance, and it is always a bad experience for me. Then I fell asleep almost all day, I have had headache, dizziness and fever. I could not study today and for this reason I am trying to start this dairy because it is a chance to practice without amount of effort.

I would like to tell you about my new English teacher. He is from London and is living here one and a half year. He is a very weird man, and usually I like crazy people, they (or we) are very funny in general; but he is (well, it is just the first perception after two hours of class) that kind of people who is difficult to know if they are here or lost inside their thoughts.

Well, I have had good experiences with my past teachers, I hope to have a good one with him, or at less I hope that he helps me to improve enough to pass the IELTS. It is important to mention that I miss to Danny a lot! He has been the best English teacher in this time. I hope to continue studying with him in short time.

Well, the good news about a daily is: it does not need to be coherent.

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