Friday, 14 January 2011

Taks 2

There has a long been a debate over whether for young people is better to start the university immediately finish the high school or take the time to work or travel.   The young people are really curious, and sometime they prefer do different things after finish the school.
Many people start their working life when they finish the high school; they have different reasons, sometimes need money, and do not know what want study or want to do different things (for example).  But still, that could be a problem only if they do not come back to study and decide work in simple jobs, because they could have a very weak job security and low wage and benefits.
However, the people need to choose a career so young, and sometime go travel, know others cultures and people, could help to grow and take better decision. In same way, start a job, could help to understand some responsibilities and duties. In this way, have a job or go travel help the people to be better college students in the future.
Furthermore, recent research has shown that the higher levels on academics scores are relation with higher level of mature. In this way, travel or work (for example) are ways to help people to be more mature and take better decisions.
In conclusion, is a very big worry that the young decide do not go to the university because there are working and do not want continue their studies; but still, is possible, the young with a job before university or who could go travel are most mature than others; and this situation could be travel or work a great help to have good scores in the college.

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