Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Letter for my agent of employer agency.

Hello Sarah!
Happy New Year!
Well, I want to tell you, I have been studying English hard and I have improved a lot. In special, in writing and reading; I’ll take the IELTS on 5 March. I’m not sure about I´ll obtains the necessary score, but I´m studying hard every day. If I don’t obtain 7.5, I´ll take the test again in a month.
On the other hand, I´m searching my documentation, and doing the legal process in my country, that is very difficult and slow, but I’m doing it, and I have a legal translator working with my documentation.
I hope to have all ready on April and send it with my IELTS to request my registration on the Board of Psychologist NZ.
I’m not sure to be ready to have interviews yet, but I think, I could be ready in February or March. I hope it!
I’m preparing to be ready to go to NZ on August, but I know that could be later.
I have a question, Can you tell me about the requirements for my husband visa? Well, I understand, if I have a job, he could have a work-visa too; but, can you say me what he need to it?
Well, I hope you are good!
Warm regards.

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