Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Task 2

There has long been a debate over whether the television is responsible about destroys family life and any sense of community. Here will talk about the dangerous of watch television and does not prefer visiting people or talking with our family.
Long years ago with develop of society was create the television; it had represented a very big change on the world. The people could have new information around the Earth and in real time, new recreation style, etc. This has been very impotent in the new lifestyle of persons and their priorities. Is possible the television been a very important distraction and in some people make most difficult have good relationships and could be alone with the TV´s programs.
However, always have existed different kinds of people and different kinds of families with specific relationships and priorities. In other words, the people can decide if they would rather watch television or do other thing. This decision could have relation with different type of reasons, for example: with family traditions, values learned, interests, etc.
Furthermore, the family is the society base, and in each home people lean important things to the life and if a person lean in home to be near to other people and have good relationships with them, watch television or not watch television cannot change that.
In the final analysis, is important point out, the developments of society always have fears and risks, but still, when the family is close up and strong, this changers are not a danger.

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