Saturday, 22 January 2011

Taks 1

In this section is possible know the projection increases of the population in five cities (Tokio, New York, Shanghai, Bombay and Jakarta) since 1970 to 2015.
Bombay has the most incredible increases of population during this time. In 1970 had 5 millions of people and to 2015 the expectative is have more than 25 millions of persons living there.
On the other hand, New York has the smallest growth in the population in the same time, starting with less of 15 millions of people and closing with a little most than 15 millions.
In 1970, the city with more population was Tokio with most of 15 millions of people, and hope to 2015 has also 30 millions of persons there.
Finally, Shanghai started with less than 15 millions of people and had a little grown on 1990. But still, to 2015 hope has around 21 millions of people in this city.
In the final analysis, is easy understanding the increases in the population in these cities during 45 years of research.

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