Thursday, 6 January 2011

practice task 1

In this graph, is possible to see the different process of increase of old people in three countries (Japan, Sweden and USA) along 100 years (since 1940 to 2040).
During 1940, in USA, approximately the 9% of the population were old people. In 1980 (40 years later) had a very big growth and registered a 15% of senior citizen. The follow 37 years this cipher decreased and was approximately 14%. Nevertheless, for the future, the projection is, in 2040 on USA will be more o less 23% old people.
On the other hand, on Japan in 1940 was reported a population 5% of senior citizen; but, this was decrease during more of 60 years, and around of year 2000 was 5% again. However, the prediction for the future is, between 2020 to 2040 more of 25% of the population will be old people.
Finally, in Sweden, in 1940 was reported a population of 6% of old people, in this country had been a continue increase with little decreases and new growth. For the future, the prediction is, in 2040 more than 25% of population will be senior citizen.

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