Thursday, 6 January 2011

Talking about Awen

Arwen is my beautiful dog! She is sweet and smart! She only want caress and love, but she know, If I´m annoying, she quickly give me kisses, and frequently that is enough to have most caress and love!
I´m worried about her for the future. In NZ don’t accept Venezuelan’s dogs! I need send Arwen 6 months to other country before she can arrive to NZ.
I feel sadness about it, because I’m worried about she think, I don’t love her and for this reason I sent her with other family.
I know that will be for feel ours better in the future. But, I would like to avoid this situation!
I love my dogy! I’ll miss her a lot during this time.
The good news is, when she will arrive to NZ, we will be as happy as is possible of meet again!

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