Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A little reflexion.

I want to write. But, it is too difficult today, because the last two days have been so strong, exhausting physical and emotionality.  
I would like help to Juan to feel better, and avoid this situation to him. But, I can’t!
I don’t understand the life, and I don’t love it a lot. But still, I’m live, and the better way for me is try to live good… only it.
What is live good????
Difficult question sometimes… Nevertheless, now is so easy for me. Live good is a relax life, without fear… only this. That is no enough to avoid difficult and common situations, with relax lifestyle I cannot avoid the big pain that Juan have today, or this difficult situation. But, I don’t want a perfect life! I only want to hold to Juan in this moment without fear about someone stealing my car or attack us.
I feel sad. But, the most difficult in this situation was Juan could not, stay with his family and cry and hold them because we had to be doing a lot of requirements during 22 hours, to say good bye her aunt.
Why is all so difficult?
For this reason, to me, live good is having a relax-lifestyle.
See you tomorrow.

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