Friday, 14 January 2011

Reflecting about today estudy experience.

This morning, I was to study English in the British, I arrived, gave the books, and went to the library to study. I had 2 hours to study and my goal was to do 4 reading passage.

The library was silent, and the people there were studying too. Well, first I find the book, organized my sheet and play the chronometer. I read the passage, and answered the question (13 questions) in only 17 munities; after that, I checked my answers, I had 12 good answers! That is like 8.3 points in this passage! I was really happy! I have 8.3 in perfect time, without dictionary, and without help!

After that, I was happy and went to the coffee shop to drink a Gatorade, and went to the bathroom. When I returned, the people were on break, and they were really excited and noisy, and I could listen them in the library.  I tried to do my second passage, I read and tried to answer the questions, but I could not! I didn’t understand anything! I did not understand the questions! 

I felt bad! But, I decided to start other passage. The people still were very noisy, but I did an important effort and tried to do the third passage. That was difficult to me, because, I had some problems to concentrate. I finished in 24 minutes (so late), and this passage has 15 question and I had only 10 well; that is like 6 points. Nevertheless, I was not sad yet, because, I had achieved like 7.07 points, and I’m improving every study-day! 

However, while I was did the third passage, on the British, some people were prepare a room across me to do the IELTS interview. Two men were waiting for their interviews. Meanwhile, I was thinking: umm, Ok Is good place to take the interview; is he nervous? Will he have a good interview? I would be really nervous! Well, maybe not, in this moment I´ll be ready, but, If, am not ready? What about whether I´ll have the interview before the exam? What about whether I am not ready? What about whether I have the interview after the exam and I cannot to go to holidays after the test? 

In conclusion, I was more and more nervous each minute… But still, I did the last passage, and have only 3 answer good…

Some minutes later, I wrote to Juan and asked him pick up me in short time. I understand, could not continues studying in that moment.

Well, I’m improving, but the really problem is: I´m so nervous and a little distraction do so difficult to me achieve the goal and a good job. But now, I´m not sure if I would be ready on 5 Mach, but I´m sure, I´ll ready soon, and I can learn English and have a good feedback in the IELTS someday!

That was the experience today. 

See you soon.

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