Friday, 7 January 2011

Thank God I don't understand!

Today was the not-wedding of my granddad!
Some years ago, my grandmother died. 2 years later my granddad met the most special woman that he was possible find!
They have some years together. The past year, they decided to get married. They have some excuses, like: get married is better for social security in French, or is difficult go to French long time without married...
But in their eyes is easy to see the love and the desire to get married.
Well, we did a lot of things for them, because this wedding would be very complicate, and they needed a lot of requirements!
Well, on Wednesday all was ready!
Today on morning, the wedding was canceled! Why?
Well, In Venezuela doesn’t have books to register! and none know when it will arrive.
In others words: for now, in Venezuela, the people can't get married, birth nor dead!
If someone does it, it would be illegal!
Thank God I don't understand!

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  1. My friend said: now die is a way to protest against the government