Saturday, 22 January 2011

There has long been a debate over the possible new measures that could be taking to help disabled people to move to different olds place without adequate designee.
A lot of charities organizations are very worried about disabled people and their difficulties to move in some streets and buildings. Frequently, this group put pressure on government to think in different kinds of disabled persons and help them to have better lifestyle.
However, I finally believe that the government should do it without press and support of other organizations, because they have enough money to do that and disabled are persons with a lot of help needs. In other words, although disabled people are not majority of population, is duty of government work for them, and help them to do easier move in different place and begin new education programs to explain to others persons the needs of disabled and the way to help them, and development the respect and comprehension.
Furthermore, it is generally accepted that disabled people does not only need help to move or do different things, they have a biggest problems with frequently batter and discrimination for society, and they need common emotional help, but the most important is, if the common people are receptive and compressive with them, they could have better lifestyle, jobs, friends and could be more happy.
In the final analysis, is possible understand the disabled people need government help to move, and it is their duty. Nevertheless, disabled people need help to have normal and happy life and for this reason, the government should do education programs to increase the respect and comprehension with them while these programs could help to decrease the discrimination toward disabled persons.

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