Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Task 1

In this graph is possible see the number of complaints made by people to Environmental Health authorities about different kinds of noises during 1989 to 1996 (16 years) in the city of Newtown.
On 1980 the biggest reason of complaints was road work with more than 600, continues for domestic/household (with 500), factories (400) and the last was traffic noises.
During 1986 to 1988, all of complaints fell except the factories noises, it was its biggest increase and hit to 700.
The road work complaints were declined each year and on 1996 was 100. On the other hand, traffic and domestic/household noises have had on dramatic increase side 1986, and to 1996 the majority number of complaints was for domestic/household noises with a little more than 1200, continues for factories noises that have the similar number of complaints side 1986 and traffic noise with 600.
In the final analysis, could understand the varieties on complaints about noise in this city.

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