Monday, 3 January 2011

Third time is a charm

I'm registered for the 05 of march to take the IELTS.
That was very difficult! The first time, you know the story.

This morning I woke up early and went to get registered to take the IETLS, I hoped to register myself and stay studying in the library. Well, but I needed some money for a soda or something to eat. We didn’t have cash and needed to go to the ATM, and we went to search it. Finally we found it and then went to the British. Juan was going to leave me there and then was going to do some things.
Well, I arrived to the third floor, and asked information about my register, but the worker said tome: We publish the address at 1:30 p.m.
I called Juan and he sought me again. I was working with him every day!
He needed a stamp and an official letter. The stamp was depleted because the people who distribute it are on vacation (this is what the people that sell it said to me)
We searched and searched for it. Finally, I found the stamp! After this, we went to La Guaira to search the official letter. The best thing was that: I met with my beautiful friend!
Great! Now let´s go to the British to register myself for the IELTS! (I said)
Well, we arrived there! But they had damaged the computer system, and we were like an hour waiting.At that moment it was 3:30 p.m. and I was with no lunch, I was very hungry!
The people were angry! The process was slow and the head-receptionist was really stupid!
Finally, it was my turn! I had luck; the girl that attended me was the sweetest there!
But the previous person took the last place for the day that I wanted!
Well, that´s ok, I want another day (I said)
Well, the sweet girl damaged my register form, and I needed to do it one more time, the second time I finished my form and when she was registering me, she saw that it was bad too! Juan wrote my form and finally I was register!
But it wasn´t so easy! The paying machine didn’t receive my card!!!
Well, the girl tried (one more time) and finally I got REGISTERED!!!!
Live Venezuela!
Live the absurdly every day!
Does anyone have questions about why I want to go so far????
Well, now I'm registered and I need to study hard... everything else, I wish to forget soon, when I´ll be really far from here!

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