Friday, 14 January 2011

Taks 1

In this charts, is possible observed the reason because people with different age range decide study, and the common help of their employer that the people could receive in relation with their age range.
The young people (less than 26 years old), decide study because they like the career and do not so worried about their futures interest. While that, older people (more than 49 years old) are total different; they are really worried about their interest, and just in the midlife (40-49 years old) the number of people worried about their interest and career are same.
On the other hand, the younger people (less than 26 and to29years old) could receive most help of their employers than the older. However, the employer offer less help to people in 30-39 years old, and with people older are a little most open to help.
Finally, these charts are possible understand the reason to study in relation who older are the people; and how the employer see the peoples skills.  

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