Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Task 2.

Do young people today make good use of their leisure time? Or do they spend much time watching television and playing video games, instead of taking part in more productive activities?

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.

Television has existed during more than a half of a century, and since it was development, it has been a controversial object; because some people have thought that it is a way to lose the time or control people. Meanwhile, watch TV continue being a popular activity to young and adult people. Step by step video games have taken a big place in the leisure time to the young people too, with a lot of criticism and benefices around them.

It is easy to note around you, as young people spend much time using technologic things, such as watching TV, playing computer or video game, surfing trough social networks, etc. Teachers and parents often argue that it is a lost time, because they are not reading books, practicing sport or learning new things. They tend to think that this way to use the free time could control the mind of their children and to stop the mind development of the children and adolescents.

In evidence of this it is possible to know about younger people in poor countries who do not have information about their cities or culture, but that have a wide idea about the countries which made their favorite movie or video game. In additional, around the world young people seems focus on different activities, they do not want to read classic books or learn old languages. Young people look interesting in activities that are very surface for adults.

On the other hand, recent research have found that watching TV people can extend their general culture, and children who play video games tend to develop pretty well psychomotor skills which people did not have in the past. Moreover, it is long known that each generation have different ideas or interests, and it is usual that adult are worried about new things, because they feel fear to the changes. It is easy to find the same worries in the history with other changes and generational gaps.

In the final analysis, it is possible that young people are spending a lot of time in new technologic things (as TV or video games), but it is necessary to reflect about if it is a real threat or just the normal way to continue the humanity transformation.

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