Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ten days ago I sent this article to a technology blog which is looking for writer.

Today we are going to talk about the iBook ver. 2.0.1 which is a pretty good app for IOS 4.2 or later. In my opinion, it is an open door for a big change in humanity and of course, as Pine and Eucalyptus and all kind of life related to them; it could have a big impact on life in the world.

Naturally the next question in your mind should be: why and how an app could be so important?

Well, that is the matter today; each singer book with 200 pages needs to cut down 3 adult trees (Pine or Eucalyptus), so could you imagine how many dead trees lay in a bookshops, libraries, or just on your night table.

Some years ago the general Readers started, but it is only now with the tablets that it began to be popular and to be part of people's life. Then today you could have more than 20000 books in your iBook 2.0.1 without having to murder any single tree; therefore an iPad could save the life of 4000000 beautiful trees.

Furthermore, using this app you can make notes, highlight words, phrases, paraphrases and pages with different colors, copy and paste important information to another place. In addition, you could take an airplane with more books than you can read without having to pay overweight. These are just to say some of the advantages of this app.

On the other hand, it is important to think about the reason why some people could feel longing for traditional books and won't accept this new way of reading and of being close to knowledge. The first one could be something like: I love to feel pages on my fingers; and the second one: I love the way books smell.  IBook cannot compete with such arguments; therefore it is necessary to strengthen other options for people to enjoy using this app. For example, people could say that they want to draw or write on books and that this app does not offer that option, as well as the fact that it is not hard. I find difficult to understand why if you can make notes, change the letter and size of the books, highlight them, etc. why couldn't you also draw on their pages whatever you want. It is important for people to feel that their book is really theirs, so it is possible to make with it exactly what you want. I think it must be the main goal of the new versions of iBook to become more and more easy for their owners to personalize it.

Finally it is absolutely necessary to me to talk about a terrible thing of this app; it is very hard to organize books on the Bookshelf, because the way they are organized is determined by IOS (I think that not even God could understand it). Therefore, if you want people to have more books to read inside this app, they should be able to organize them as they please.  This is my strongest criticism for this app.

Well, it is all for today, it is time to continue walking inside technology ways...


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    I think this article is very interesting and I'm going to check out the iBook in the iPhone of my wife.

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