Friday, 10 February 2012

The powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly

They were a group of five friends since the school begins who now were at the middle of the college; at the moment they were around 20 years old. They came of families of middle social class, with smart parents, all of them professionals, open mind, though they have known to put boundaries and to teach manner. It was usual for them to help into social causes, but still when some of them believed in god nobody was part of a religion. This is important to say that the parents were not friends; they just kept a relationship because their children had been friends during long time.

It was a small town which was known around the world as cultural town, with important universities, good schools, big orchestras, theatres, drawers, etc.

Those boys studied different career at the college, but frequently they shared time together, playing sports, going to the movie, discovering and talking about the life sense or just drinking... It was the holidays before the next semester, and they were very happy, because they must to take a general matter together, it was Social Philosophy. It will be a time to remember the early school, studying and mocking teachers together.

Classes started, and social life went down as usually; anyway they were hopeful to the shared class will be a moment to have an excuse to relax with old friends. It was exactly as they expected; shared class was easy but interesting; and a chance to talk about very deep down things without relevance for the life (it was a sweet mind exercise for them). But step by step this class was more and more difficult, because the teacher had two important stuffs inside his speech, one about that his student didn't know the real world and it is absolutely necessary to talk with different kind of people and spend time in other neighbor towns; second weird thing in this teacher mind was about that the real problem of the world were the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly; he said that it was impossible to pass the class without discover what he is talking about with those machines, but as he always sent homework that student needed to go out of the town some days and talk with new people; he always said that if you do all your outdoor homework you suddenly will discover which that machines were.

Those boys (as all Students) started to think that the teacher was absolutely crazy; and it was easier to listen to them asking question as how will we discovery a thing which just exist inside his weird mind visiting and spending time in another town? How could someone discovery what kind of crazy idea is living inside his mind?

So our boys decided to take it easy, as they should go out to do homework they will take this time to relax and share time together. In general their idea was something like if we need to do it, we will enjoy it... They were a little worried about to lose the course and need to take it again, but meanwhile they would enjoy it.

Each week, teacher asked more difficult activities, and all students were unhappy and worried. However all of them had won more new friends that in their whole life. The semester will finish on a month and nobody had idea about what those stupid machines were... Then teacher asked a new homework which was on to go alone to know and join in not least than 9 different kinds of social gathering, so to describe them and find the specific and general features. Teacher told that with this activity they will find what the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly are; he asked to look for different activities to your partners and preferably to go to different towns. Another very important rule was: if you discover what machines are, you must not share it.

Then the students started their last homework for this class which after 6 month had been the most difficult class for them, but still the most interesting. They went to sport teams, music bands, religions, support teams, parties, art groups, etc.

It was an alone time, because now they could not be with their friends and they didn’t have an idea what are looking for. But they started to discover some specific stuff of each town and group.

Suddenly one of them discovered that in a specific town all people were poor but anyway gave money to the church and they cannot be whatever they wanted because to needed to be whatever the Christianity religion asked. He started to see as rich and powerful are the Christianize religion and as they have got the life control of the people whom gave their money although it is absolutely necessary to them. He asked himself how do this religion to control the people life? So he went to the church frequently and found a lot of lies in the churchman speech focus on to keep the people near to him and without chance to take personal choices.

So the boy discovery what that machine was! He was very happy and he wanted to share it with his friends, but it was absolutely banned; whom discover it should to keep the information alone since the last class and act as he did not has idea.

He was very worried about that his friend didn't know that stuff and lose the class; but deep down inside his mind he knew that he must keeps the silence.

Finally was the last class, he was happy because it will be a great discussion. Teacher said: well I am sure that all of you discovered what the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly are, so I will count to three and all of you will say the answer together, one, two three. But the sound in the classroom was unintelligible and the teacher laughs them whereas they were asking themselves what had happened.

Teacher smiling asked to say the answer one by one, but with some simple rules, nobody can say noting before their turn and it is not allowed to say more than one word, the consequence was: Christianity, Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. Students named around 15 religions; at the end teacher asked: so which are the powerful and rich machines which produce lies very quickly? And all of them said: religions!

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