Thursday, 9 February 2012

February 9, 2012

Ok, today is the third day of this daily and I almost forget to write here. But well, I am here again.

I wake up feeling better than the past days; actually I have felt better all day. I spent my morning studying English with my new IELTS book, I checked my Wednesday class and did some lessons of OpenEnglish and an online classes. Then I took my lunch, slept some minutes and went with me husband to meet with his friend whom he had not met during around 9 years. It was great!

After that we both went to walk on the streets and came back at home.

I wrote my post for a technology page which is looking for writer and I want to be one of them. I wrote about app iBook, I will ask them if I can to publish it at my own blog and then I will share it with you.

Now it is time to rest. I am going to read during a while before fall asleep.

Today was a productive day about my process to learn English. I hope to continue practicing in this way.

Sorry to be so bored.... Just remember that it is a single practice.... Please forget me.

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