Saturday, 11 February 2012

February 11, 2012

Actually I didn't comeback yesterday to my daily, it is a hard thing to keep. But still I wrote a story, I hope it counted as my yesterday writing practice. I need to be more focus on study for the IELTS, but it has not been easy this day, because I have not been feeling absolutely well. Anyway I am here practicing.... Lol

Well, yesterday has a hard day, my husband was sick and I was very worried about him, I think he has a lot of stress and that is the root of problem.

On the other hand, I was laughing all day with the powerful and rich machine to produce lies very quickly; it was an email that I receive by a friend alerting to me (and other people) about the importance to vote tomorrow, and don't feel fear about government reprisal. I think that she is absolutely right but anyway it was very funny to me.

That was the start point of my yesterday story.
I met with a friend yesterday at night, and I was studying English form the morning...

About today, I went to walk to the park with my husband, we have just trying to relax ourselves and do a little exercise. I said I little because we both are not feeling absolutely nifty, so we are starting or routine slowly.

We came back at home and I saw a football play, I slept, woke up and started to study English sometime. Today was a relaxed study; I studied with my online course.

Well, it was all for today.

See you soon.

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