Friday, 17 February 2012

Task 1

The graphic adobe shown how many Money (expressed in thousand pounds sterling) spent people in Germany, Italy, France and Britain, on 6 consumer (personal stereos, tennis racquets, perfumes, CDs, toys and photographic film).

In general in Britain people spent more money on any of these articles. They spent around 155 on personal stereos and tennis racquets; 160 on perfumes, a few more than 160 on CDs and toys, and around 175 on photographic films.

The others countries spent around 150 pounds sterling on personal stereos, being Italy the country which is following Britain. Related to tennis racquets, France is the country with the lowest spending (around 145), followed by Germany (145), and Italy (150). The consumed of perfumes is the same as the tennis racquet with a few amount in France.

Those three countries had the same behavior faced the expenditure of CDs and photographic films which Germany had the less spent (around 145); Italy the second less (around 150 – 155), and France following Britain with around 158-160-. Related to toys, it is possible to note the same consumer (168) for Italy and France; and Germany is the last one (around 145).

In conclusion, those countries had different ways to spent money on these things; although Britain people spent more money on all of them, the others countries took different ways at the time to select their expenses.

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