Monday, 13 February 2012

February 13, 2012

Well, hello again.

I am actually doing this homework! Today I woke up, took my breakfast and started to study. The first activity I did it was a task 1 for the Academic IELTS, it was my homework for the British Council course, well really the homework was to Task 1 for General IELTS, but I thought that it was stupid because I need to improve my skills to academic one, so I decided to change my homework, good thing was my teacher accepted it.

After that I took an OpenEnglish's class and reviewed some words and expressions.

Then I went out to my husband, I ate sushi, went to my analysis and finally to the British Council for my class. I arrived very early to the British Council and I studied one and a half hours.

I came back to home, took another OpenEnglish’s class, talked with a friend, took my dinner and now I am writing here. I am going to go to watching TV and rest to continue studying tomorrow.

One important thing of today: my class in the British Council was very good, I enjoy it! I understand what they are expecting to me in the speaking test... It is not too hard, but it is absolutely necessary to practice, practice and practice.

Have a nice night.

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