Monday, 13 February 2012

Personal daily of yesterday. Post dated

Oh my god!!!! I forgot to write my diary yesterday again! Well, I am going to fix it right now. Yesterday was inserting day; I woke up, took my breakfast and went out with my husband to meet with a friend to go to do exercises. But yesterday were the primaries, so we had as arrangement that she will go to vote before to gather with us, and anybody imagined that it will be a long process. So we were waiting her around an hour, whereas she was voting.

Finally we went to walk, it was funny, a relax moment sharing silly an important things. Then we went to eat ice-cream, and it was time to vote of my husband and me. There we found a very big line when we spent around two and a half hours. My friend was with us around one and a half hours, but she needed to go to her home.

My husband and I came back to home after that and spent the rest of our day resting and waiting the results. It won my favorite candidate, it was very good.

So it was time to sleep.... In conclusion, yesterday was a day without English study....

Now, I am studying as I woke up. But I will tell you about it late.

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