Friday, 24 February 2012

The new highest definition standard for television. has not been published yet)

The new highest definition standard for television.
By Tahirí Rojas

The national Japanese broadcaster NHK which has been developed with high-resolution broadcast technologies since 1982, it is now breaking the expectations with their announcement: they are developing a new sensor able to capture up to 8K video at 120fps.

The promise is: The new sensor will be capable to hold on Super Hi-Vision company of 7680x4320 pixels which, at 33MP will have a 16x time higher resolution than the one we actually know (1080 HD technology).

This information has been reported at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference which as usually is taking place in San Francisco. They have informed that the high-speed chip is being developed with Shizouka University.

Anyway, it is important to say that it will take time to arrive into our homes, they are talking about to launching it around 2020, because now they have just some demoed; however, it will be known around 2012 Olympics games when NHK will be used to show some prototypes of 60fps.

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