Monday, 20 February 2012

February 20, 2012


Well, I have been lost some days, I needed to rest. I also studied some hours, but specially my listening skills, but in general I was relaxing, doing exercises, strolling, talking with friends, and giving a pause to me brain. I should admit that I have been dreaming in spanenglish, so a part of my mind continue studying still in rest, or maybe a part of my mind is always focus on go to NZ.

So these days have been a good moment for my mind, to rest and to prepare to continue studying.

I went to the park a couple of time, and to do exercises to the 'Cota mil' on Sunday. It is a highway in the city which is closed on Sunday morning to people goes to enjoy there. So it was too sunny and I burned my feet with the heat of the floor. It sound incredible but was true! I dressed my shoes and socks but the floor was enough heat to burn my poor feet. I could not walk for around 6 hours while my feet were better. I needed to use some creams and medicines to fix my poor feet. Well, today it sound funny, but was horrible.... Umm but funny too....

I have spent a lot of time with my friend as I told you some days ago.

I watched some documentaries very interesting these days, and I am happy about the way that is improving my listening skills. Yesterday I definitely didn't want to study, so I did what I always do when I don't want to study but I feel that I must be it: I watched a Harry Potter movie, it is always funny and it could be an English practice, but sometimes I am not sure if I am understanding or I just remember each single line of that movie.... Lol.

Well, today is Monday again, here is still a holiday because in Venezuela carnival is Monday and Tuesday, anyway I spent two hours studying English with my online course, it is a very good tool to pronunciation skill, it is good in general, but with pronunciation is great!

I just finished it, and it is time to rest. Maybe I will watch a movie or documentaries before to fall asleep.

Well, see you soon.

OH! One more thing! Today I received a email of New Zealand Migration Department telling me that if I have a question, please I could say it to them, because they want to help me and they could assignee me a free adviser to help me if I need it; because they don’t want to lose me for a simple question, they are waiting to me!

I definitely love that country, and I am absolutely happy feeling that they are valuing me! Or that they could value me in the future!

Another reflexion: I have fell in love a lot of times; when was younger I fell in love in wrong ways, I loved people or situations very hard or painful, but now I usually fell in love with a person, situation or thing that could value it and love me as I deserve; sometimes when those people write me, I think that I have fell in love in the right way and with a wonderful lover. 

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