Thursday, 23 February 2012

Started the rumors about the newest iPhone

Note: It was not published exactly like this, because was corrected by editor.

Started the rumors about the newest iPhone
By Tahirí Rojas.

After four month of the launch of iPhone 4S, now have started the rumors about iPhone 5, but what do we actually know about it? The only known fact is that the website Macotakara (Japanese website) published that the iPhone 5 (or whatever will be the name for the new iPhone) will be launched this year, around September to October. It has woken up a lot of comments about that Apple usually present their new stuff in Spring or Summer, when people have a lot of money to spend in shopping.

In adition, it is easy to find a lot of speculations about the features of the new iPhone; for example, some people are expecting a bigger screen (around 4 inch), or a processor with a 32 nanometer dual core chip with a new graphics processor, and the possibility of eventually incorporate LTE; it is possible to hear that the new iPhone will have technology development for Sharp in their screens to improve the pixel density and energy consumption. All of those information are interesting and exciting, but at the moment are not fact and anybody having true news.

Anyway, the past year was launch the iPhone 4S in the same date and this company sold around 4 million of them during the 3 first days; and they sold in whole 42.6 million of iPhones 4S during the past year. So it is not probable that they are worried about how much money people have to buy the new one.

Nevertheless, it is easy to imagine that iPhone 5 will try to maintain in the top of the Smart-phone, also in amazing technology and high level of sells, so we could think that they are looking for producing something better that their competence (HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3).

Almost all the past year was full of rumors about the new iPhone and the people were absolutely anxious about it; now just 4 months later has started the rumors about the newest. So it is possible to think that Apple has a clear marketing strategy sowing expectation and ensured the future sellers.

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