Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Personal dialy. February 8, 2012

Hello, it is my second personal daily day; actually I have not been well keeping a daily in the past, sometimes because I felt fear of my parents found it, or because I thought it was very stupid, or maybe because I didn't want to think about my day. Now it is different, I still think that it is stupid, but I don't feel fear about my parent found it, because my parent are not really interesting in my life and anyway I don't have much to hide, and if I had something to hide, I didn't write about that on a online blog. So the real reason for this dairy is just keep practicing day after day, still when sometimes I don't want to.

Ok, today I wake up feeling that I had sleep more than 20 hours, but at that moment was just 7:30 a.m. Then I had a weird sensation, maybe did I sleep very deep? Or did I sleep .... Well, for that moment I decided don't to think deep down about it and to start my day with strength and intention to study long time.

I took my breakfast and a shower and started to study. In the beginning I checked the first class of my EILTS course and practiced the vocabulary; then I did a reading practice with not enough score, I had 10 good answers of 13 questions. But just at 9:30 a.m. I started to feel bad again. I am sick but I am not sure which it is exactly the problem; I hope to know when I receive my lab test results. Each time I up to the chair I felt dizzy, but I tried to continue studying. So, after my IELTS practice I did some lessons to OpenEnglish.

Well, I was absolutely hungry and I ate my lunch with the strong intention to continue studying as soon as I finish eating. But it was impossible, after that I felt worst! Terrible! I almost fainting and I needed to go to the bed. I think that I passed out twice when I was on bed "watching tv" and in that moment I thought that for this reason I could feel that I slept weird, because it is possible that I was not just sleep all night.

Step by step I felt better, and I tried to listen to podcast and news but it was hard and at that moment I was on time to go to my second class of IELTS course.

My husband arrived and went with me to my class, I was feeling terrible, we drank a straw berry juice and I started to feel better. So during those days when I have been sick, around 5-6 I suddenly I feel good... Well good enough. Today was not different around 5 I was ok, not absolutely good, but ok.... I took my class.... It has been very disappointment for me... But anyway I took that.

I would like to share too that I receive an special gift today, a woman who I love very much sent to me with my husband a book and she said to him: I bought two of them, one for my daughter and one for Tahirí; it is a very special present and I am very happy about, still when I have not started to read it yet.

On the other hand, my husband gave me a book to study for the IELTS, it is a good present too, still when we both need it for our future, it is very sweet that he is always paining attention to what I am needing to improve, it does not mean that he always can give me what I need, but he is always careful.

So now, I am finishing it, and I will eat my dinner, and probably after that I will study a couple of hours more.

Well, I hope to study tomorrow a lot and I would like to do some writing practice, so it is possible that tomorrow I will have more to share with you.

Ah! One more thing! It is possible that soon I will change my blog a little.

Bye and thanks to read me!

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