Thursday, 16 February 2012

February 16, 2012

Hello! I am back!

I have been two days without write my personal daily; but I have been studying anyway. So I don’t have burden of conscience…

Well, on Tuesday I went with my husband to the laboratory because he needed to take a blood test. It was horrible because in this city all people is always upset and we are always exposed to high level of abuse. Anyway, after that I came back to home, took my breakfast and started to study for around 5 hours. At night I went to the restaurant with some friends and my husband, because I have a friend who is getting divorce and she was feeling terrible on Valentine’s Day. They drank some hours while I accompanying them.

Yesterday, I woke up early, and studied around 4 hours during the morning, but after that I went to the park to do exercise, and it was very rewarding because I am feeling better. Then I went to my English class, it was very sad because I received my homework of task 1 (February 13, 20012), and my teacher said that it is in the band 5. So after that I got a headache and I could not work well in the classroom. I came back to home and slept early.

Today, I woke up, took my breakfast and studied 2 hours in the morning. So I was falling asleep and went to the bed for two hours. I woke up again, and started to study for around 4 more hours. Now I am very tired and I will do different kind of things.

Hahahaha. Well, I am studying a lot, but I am not sure to be learning a lot… Anyway I am trying.

Well, today I wrote two Task 1 for the general IELTS, they are my homework, and I decided to do that as a practice; furthermore I wrote a task 1 for the academic IELTS. I hope I got at least band 6 with those homework. Anyway, I will not know for two week, because I will not have a class on Monday because it will be carnival day; so I am going to delivery my homework on next Wednesday and receive it a Monday after that.

On the other hand I hope to meet with some friends this weekend. I will tell you soon if that was possible.

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