Saturday, 24 March 2012

10 claims about New iPad.

10 claims about New iPad.
By Tahirí Rojas

Even New iPad has broken sell records around the world in short time; some people are not satisfied with it.

During the first month of New iPad life, we can find 10 criticizes about it:

1.   Hot iPad

New iPad owners’ are unhappy about the temperature of the New iPad which could have got around 46,6 degree Celsius after 45 minutes of high use.

2.   Third-party Docking Cables

Third-party Docking Cables has problems with New iPad power demands, even it worked perfectly with iPad 2. Reports said that the third-part cable charged iPad 3 up to 85 percent and stopped.

3.   Wi-Fi Issues

It seem as the heating trouble is disturbing Wi-Fi iPad connection, and users are claiming about the Wi-Fi reception is too short.

4.   Takes Much Longer to Charge

According to Dr. Raymond Soneira of DisplayMate Technologies, the new Apple iPad keeps charging for more than two hours after it says it has a full battery. So, New iPad take around 7 hours charging, while iPad 2 take only a couple of hours.

5.   Wake/Sleep trouble with 3rd Party Cases

Some users are talking about New iPad has problems with the Smart Cover sleep/wake, so it is not sure that New iPad read adequately the instruction by Smart Cover.

Apple denied this trouble.

6.    Heavier Apps

New iPad take long time charging apps, using a lot of storage space because the HD screen.

7.    More Fragile

Square Trade (USA based warranty provider) told that New iPad is more fragile than iPad 2.

8.    FaceTime Does Not Work with LTE

FaceTime works only on the Wi-Fi and not over 4G.

9.    A Heavier and Thicker Device

It is heavier than iPad 2 and people feel it uncomfortable.

10.   Quick Depletion of 4G

4G is spending monthly mobile internet faster; so New iPad owners' cannot use very well their mobile device internet.

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