Sunday, 11 March 2012

March 11, 2012


Today was a wonderful day; because my husband and I went to visit a couple of friend who are amazing and relaxed; meeting them is like to go to the beach. They both have the youngest soul I have known, and they are over their seventies.

I came back home fuel of energy and I wrote 4 news (I will publish it in a while), and I am feeling happy, relaxed and strong.

On the other words, talking about past three days, I have been ok; I went to the movie with some friend and drinking something on Friday night (just to stay with them because I don’t drink alcohol); I went to do exercise, studied a lot, and improved a little…

I am thinking to take the level test in two weeks, and I hope to have enough score to register myself in the Advance IELTS course.

The next week, I want to visit a couple of friend and meeting with others. I am going to study a lot and to make some IELTS writing practices.

I need to travel to meet with my little brother, I miss him a lot, and I am waiting for solvent some problems to go there soon.

Well, it was all for today daily. I will publish my news soon.

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