Thursday, 8 March 2012

Task 1

The process of making pencil have several parts, and it is a complex proceeding which start with the ground graphite clay, H2O and graphite dough; all these elements are processed using press to create graphite rods.

Meanwhile, the external wood case of pencil are making with some trucks of wood that are transformed in grooves out in wooden slat. When it is ready will be time to join both results.

At this stage, the dry graphite rods go to the oven where are exposed to 800 °C before to be introduced and glued into the grooves cut in wooden slat. Then they are closed as a ‘sandwich´ of slats. Grooves are separated in singles pieces and submitted a process of shaping machine to smooth the surface and make it friendly to be ready for users.

Making pencils is a long proceeding with a lot of steps to finally have these important tools in society life.

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