Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Task 1

The charts are talking about which resources tend to use people to find world news and local news in the UK, in the decade started in 1987 and finished in 1997.

Majority people look for local and global news by different ways. For instance, to find news about world most people used television during this period; to illustrate it clearly, between 65% to 67% of them used to TV to know news; during this time the percentage of them had fluctuations but in low range. Meanwhile, only 19% of people used TV to know about local news in 1987, but this proportion was rising slowly and with some fluctuations to close in 37% in 1997.

On the other hand, in 1987 around 25% of people used newspapers to find world news, and it was decreasing slightly with some low fluctuations to close in 20% at the end of the decade. Whereas, large amount of then tended to use newspapers to look for information about local news; it started in 56% of people, and was decreasing slowly with some fluctuations during those ten years, to close in 40% of people o read newspapers to find local news.

Finally, few people tended to use radio to find news, of both local and world news. Related with world news they were 9% at the beginning and end of the period with light fluctuations, and it was the same with local news, but started in 12% and closed in 11%.

To conclusion, majority people preferred to use TV to find news about world, and newspaper for local news; mean they did not tend to use radio to look for news in general for this period.

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