Sunday, 18 March 2012

Task 2.

According to a recent study, the more time people use the Internet, the less time they spend with real human beings. Should we worry about the effect this is having on social interaction or should we see the Internet as a way of opening up new communication possibilities worldwide?
What are your views?

Day after day, technology is closer of people’s life, and it is very important chance in our lifestyle in general. The internet is a tool to work, communicate, play, etc. Around the world people are spending more time surfing in the web, and as consequence of it, they have few chances to interact with other in the real life. It will be a debate about if we must be concerned or no related with it.

At first, it is important to remember that during human history the communication ways have been changing, and it is usual to be worried about changes for people. Then, the Internet could be a new way to link for people, and as each single develop, it needs to be accepted, while people find a place of the Internet in their life. It is natural to feel fear about new things, but it is necessary to adapt of these.

On the other hand, the virtual life has a problem which is the rise of isolate people who are alone in their house trying to connect with other alone human. This trouble could carry society by bad way, and we could lose the important idea about how interaction is a road to improve and make sense to the life, because we are focus on objects or virtual stuffs whereas our life is spent in ephemeral things day after day.

Furthermore, the nature of our species is to live in society ad grow up with other who are our model, friend and family. It is important to pay attention and promote face to face meeting as a way to develop and improve our life. However, it is fundamental find a place in people’s life for the Internet and its averages, but not forgetting that it is just a tool, not the center of our life.

In the final analysis, I think that the Internet uses could be or not be a problem depending of how it is took. If the society offer education to people about useful of the internet as a tool, but encouraging them to keep their no virtual life, it will not be a reason to be worried; it would be a problem only if we forget the importance of face to face meeting and promote isolate life.

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