Wednesday, 28 March 2012

March 28, 2012


I finished my IELTS preparation course today!

My teacher’s feedback was: you are in band 6 (among 6 to 7). Oh my god! I want to cry!

I am 1.5 points of my goal! So far! Moreover, I must try to have around 8 to be sure. On the other hand, teacher told me that if I work hard I will do it!

I am confused, I am asking to myself if it is a good idea to take the IELTS on June 30. Sometimes, I feel like I am back the wrong horse, and I will never have enough score in the test. However, it is not time to cry over spilled milk; I need to study, and sooner or later I will have enough English level. I hope it.

Well, the current plan is: go to the beach for vacation next week; take the conversation course in the British Council; having personal lessons with an IELTS examiner after vacations; take the IELTS on June 30 and if I do not have enough score, I would apply to my residence mean I am trying to have enough score for my register in the Board of Psychologist NZ. If I have enough score in the IELTS on June 30 or around September, I will apply for my registration in the Board of Psychologist NZ.

So, I am not back to square one because, at the moment I have enough score to ask for my residence, it is not my plan, because I want to have my register first and my work, to go there easier. But anyway, I have options.

Today, I am no in NZ, I am not near to my registration; but I am in the way to be there.

Finally, if I have enough score in the IELTS, I will continue with my plan: to ask for my register, then find a job and go there with all of that.

It is the balance of the day. I am worried, but focus on my goal!

See you.

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