Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Task 2.

The government spends about £220 million a year supporting museums and galleries in the UK; and a similar amount subsidizing the visual and performing art.
This is a huge sum to spend on minority interests, and the money would be better spent on more important things. It should be up t the people who enjoy cultural attractions to pay for them.
What are your views?

Some people are worried about that the government of the UK tends to spend about £220 million per year in museums and galleries; moreover around the same amount of money subsidizing the visual and performing art. Part of the society thinks that exist others problems which need to invest money and they are more important and better way to use the capital.

In the UK exists a lot of problems which affect the people, and they need to be supported with money to improve their lifestyle; also some hospitals, schools and streets are needing maintenance and they cannot find enough money, while the government says that they do not have plenty budget; even all these are very important for the present and future of the UK.

On the other hand, the art is a very important way to help the society to express and improve their cognitive abilities; in additional, it is usual that when people are involved in the art, they tend to looking for increase their culture and promote the intellectual and cultural life in their environment.

Furthermore, the UK is a place which receives a lot of tourist by the cultural life, and they are an important part of the work force; even if the government spends loads of money in the art, the UK receives much more money through it. Additionally, it I the chance that all people might to know the art, and discover their talents; if the art was more expensive, less people could attend to it.

In the final analysis, though the government spends a lot of money in the art, the UK in general receive much more benefits than its initial investment; such as the tourist that spend their money there, and the chance to improve the cultural life of the society.

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