Friday, 16 March 2012

March 16, 2012

Hi! How are you?

Well, talking about these days, I have been ok. This week I decided to register myself for the conversation course in the British Council, and having a personal teacher. I think that my actually teacher could be perfect to teach me in private, because he is a IELTS’s examiner, and he could help me to be ready in short time; moreover, I believe that anybody could know better if I am ready for the test than a IELTS’s examiner.

It will be expensive, and one of my actually troubles are related with money. Anyway, the most important thing is having enough score in the test to continue with my life. So, it is possible that I will not have some important thing these months, but I hope to have got success in the IELTS soon and continue with my life and my projects.

On the other hand, this week I have not studied as much as past week, because I have been tired or maybe I overstudied and my mind needs a time to relax. I have been checking about preposition and articles; I think it is very important to improve my English level.

Furthermore, I have needed time to think about personal issues.

However, I am here writing, and I will return my study rhythm in short time.

See you soon. 

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