Sunday, 18 March 2012

Task 1

The graph shows percentages of students that had enough score in their school leaving tests, it report the period 1993-1994 of 9 matter by sex.

Girls had higher scores in 5 subjects (English, Mathematics, Biology, French and History); but they should the biggest difference with boys in English ( around 17%) and French (12%); while in Mathematics, Biology and History the difference between girls and boys was less than 5%.

On the other hand, boys had higher score than girls in 4 matter (Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Craft, Design &Technology) , the main difference between boys and girls was in Craft, Design & Technology with around 8% more boys than girls; whereas Chemistry, Physics and Geography showed low differences.

Matters with the highest number of students who passed school leaving exams were English, Mathematics and French; meanwhile Biology, Chemistry and Physics showed the lowest level. Maybe, students feel easy known subject and that is the reason about their higher level in some subjects than other. Moreover, it is possible that girls have more skills to language and boys to abstract stuff.  

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