Friday, 23 March 2012

New iPad: the hot iPad.

New iPad: the hot iPad.
By Tahirí Rojas

A couple of weeks after New iPad launched, users have been testing it and they are talking about a lot of wonderful things like it runs new games, screen definition is amazing, etc.

On the other hands, it has a big trouble which is affecting their owner and making them unable to use their iPad as long as they want to:  New iPad get hot after use.

To be specific, New iPad rise temperature around 46,6 degree Celsius after 45 minutes running Infinite Blade II.

People are claiming about it is hotter than iPad 2; anyway they said that it is not an unsupportable problem.

This trouble is related with the highest level of New iPad’s screen and processor.

At the moment, Apple has not said anything about it, and some expert are explaining that it will be inevitable in the New iPad and future generation of tablet because their features and power.

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