Monday, 26 March 2012

March 26, 2012. Some reflexions.


I will finish the IELTS preparation course on Wednesday; this course has been lazy, but anyway I have learned a lot this time, I have taken it deep down, trying to catch whatever I can. Maybe it is the good part of be the worst person in the group.

I asked to my teacher about to be my personal teacher. He is thinking, and he said that he does not have enough time, and he will ask to a collage. Today, he told me that if his collage cannot, he will be my personal teacher.

At the first time, I thought: I will ask to God that the collage cannot; but the real situation is not that I want to have him as personal teacher, the real situation is that I need to have enough score in the IELTS as soon as be possible; I hope to have success on June 30. So, please God: send me a teacher who can help me to have enough score on 30 June!

Sometime, I think that I have higher expectations about myself than are possible. So, I am very demanding to myself. Anyway, I hope to have success working hard, to continue with my life. I hope it will be possible!

On the other hand, I am picking up my exercises routine. I need to improve my cardiovascular endurance; I am thinking about jogging twice or three times a week and trekking the Avila twice a week. Well, this week I am going to take vacations and go to the beach; but after that, I will start to draw a new exercise routine.

Finally, I want to share with you a comment of my sweet husband: you fell in love with all your teacher, it is not important if they are blond, black, beautiful, awful, man, woman, child, dog, wilted flower or whatever.

I think he is right! And it is so funny, I definitely enjoy all kind of academic experiences, and I feel love for whoever who helps me to learn something.

Well, I hope to have success in the IELTS soon.

See you.

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