Friday, 16 March 2012

About March 15.

A year ago, on March 15, 2011, I wrote a post about how I imagined my life in a year. I talked about having a job, playing tennis, living in an apartment in the Auckland City, etc. For that moment, I was absolutely sure about I could go to life to NZ the past year and started my life there. But unfortunately I am still in Venezuela, in Caracas at the moment. So migration process is harder than I guessed a year ago; furthermore I have had a difficult time this year, with health troubles, fell project, etc.

Well, today March 16, 2012 I am here, working hard to get my goal and my dream.

Nowadays I am nearer to go to live there, because I am clearer about what I need to have success and I am focus on that. I am preparing myself to take the IELTS on June 30; I have improved a lot, but I am not ready yet. During this time I have studied almost each single day; at first, I studied alone, then I had a wonderful teacher during two month, and after that I registered myself in the British Council, where I have been studying four months. I will finish this course in a couple of weeks, and I am thinking about too register myself in the conversation course and taking private class with a teacher to be ready for the IELTS soon.

Meanwhile, I am organizing my documentation, it is not ready yet, but it is in process, and almost ready. I hope all those documents will be ready at the moment when I have my IELTS.

The actually plan is, taking the IELTS, send all requirement to the Board of Psychologist NZ, asking for my register; and then go there.

I have had some employment offers, and I hope to have a job with a good relocation packet no longer than November. I would like to start working in December this year.

A year ago, I was inpatient to go there; at the moment, I wish deep down go there soon; but I know that it take time and I want to spend the rest of my life there, so I can wait necessary time.

Again, I hope to in a year to be living in NZ, working there, and having a good lifestyle. I wish to be near of that.

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