Monday, 5 March 2012

March 5, 2012

Ok, I am back!

So, definitely I didn’t like to keep a daily; anyway, I am here trying because it is a practice….

Well, I had long time without to write here because I had the kind of troubles that I will not comment in the online page, and so I did not want to write about nothing. However, I am not absolutely good yet, but I am improving focus on a new phrase that I discovered and translated yesterday: “The life is not about to wait for the end of the storm, it is about to learn to dance under it”.

Furthermore, today I finally received my homework! I am improving, I am between Bands 6 and 7, more near of 6 than 7, but I am improving; in my first homework I got Band 5, so, in 2 weeks I have improved a lot! If I continue improving in this way, in short time I will be near to my goal.

Then, I am happy about it today!

Tomorrow I will get a breast ultrasound which asked me my doctor; I hope do not spend more than two hours there and come back to study ELTS practice with my corrections. I wrote two news today, in a while I will publish them.

See you soon.

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